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How It Works

Only 5 EASY Steps to Get Started:

Let's Talk

First we will have a short phone call to see if I am the right fit for you.  Before the phone call I will send you an email with some questions for you to answer where I will learn about your business and what you expect from me. We only work with QB online at this time.  No inventory tracking or payroll services at this time.



After we both determine that we are good fit, we ask that you invite us as an "Accountant" via your QB Online.  This allows us to review your current books so that we can see the workload involved that will help determine your fee. If you don't have a QB Online subscription, we can set you up with one with a wholesale discount.   



Next we will email you a written Quote and Engagement Letter that you can review, sign and return. Don't worry it's not a contract, only an agreement to services and payment method so we both are on the same page of what is expected.  At any time, both parties may walk away from doing business together, if necessary.



We will setup a secure method to share important business documents.  This will be done via HubDoc and/or SmartVault.  Also, you can contact your bank/credit cards to setup READ ONLY access for us to be able to download transactions and monthly statements directly from you bank and credit card accounts. By doing this, it allows us to setup automation by getting your transactions and statements each month.  This saves you time and money by making it more efficient so we don't have to bug you to send us  the statements each month. However, if you prefer not to give us READ ONLY access, you can still send us your monthly bank and credit card statements via SmartVault. (Don't worry, it's easy, we can show you exactly what to do)



Next you can Sit Back and not worry about bookkeeping anymore now that it's in professional hands.  You can concentrate your energy and time into Growing your Business!  

Every month, we will send you 3 Reports:

  1. Income Statement (Profit & Loss) - see all your income and expenses for the month. 

  2. Balance Sheet - shows you all your assets, liabilities and owner's equity accounts.

  3. Cash Flow Report - shows you where your money is going. 

These monthly reports are Invaluable and they will help you know at a glance how your business did for the month and most importantly, they will show you how you can IMPROVE and GROW your business.  ​

What are you waiting for?  Let's get started today. 

Software Programs we work with

I work exclusively with QuickBooks Online.  With QuickBooks Online you can log in anywhere to your account securely to see where you financials stand.  Plus, the account will be owned by you, so you can take it with you even if we discontinue working together.  It's a safe and secure cloud software that you can also store your receipts, bills and invoicing info for as long as you keep your account with QuickBooks Online. This is highly beneficial for IRS requirements of saving documents for 7 years in case of a dreaded audit.  Subscription costs for QuickBooks Online vary depending up on your business needs.  Plus, I can offer you Wholesale discount when you work with me.  That's saving you money just by signing up with my services.
hubdoc logo.png
HubDoc is a secure Cloud based program to allow for secure transfer and storage of your important business finances, like Bank and Credit Card Statements. This software allows for automatic retrieval of your monthly credit card and banking statements each month, so you don't need to be bothered with getting those important docs to us.  Saves you time and is very convenient.
smartvault logo.jfif
SmartVault is another cloud based program that we use to securely and safely store and share important documents across the web. When you are our client, you will have access to your own vault where you can send, receive and store your important business papers. 
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